ODNJ International Conference 2014 | OD Network Japan


ODNJ International Conference 2014

Practice of OD for Social Change
Past, Present and Future of OD in Japan.
~From Individual to Organization, to the World~

In this conference, we offer keynote speech by Diana Whitney on 30th, and Edger Schein on 31st. Adding to these keynote speech, we established five trucks in our international conference on this year and the second truck will be in English so that it can introduce its experience to international world.

These five trucks offer, 1)practices and case studies of OD implementation; 2)exchange of OD practice to and from international community; 3)pragmatic methodology and approach of OD and its impact; 4)development of theory and research on OD in academic field; and OD practice by social entrepreneur and governmental organization.

→ ODNJ-Organizational Development Network Japan International Conference 2014


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