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Admissions Guidance

Membership qualification

Those who agree with the philosophy of the OD Network Japan NPO are welcome to participate as members.
Members can participate in the OD Network Japan annual conference, lectures, at special membership prices, and also join the study groups.

Details are stated in the organization’s statutes – please refer to them here(Japanese):

Admission fee and annual fees:

  1. Initial membership fee: Admission fee: JPY 5,000 , Yearly membership fee: JPY 10,000 (for the following year – the initial yearly membership fee is free)
  2. Yearly membership fee for the third and following years:  JPY 10,000

Membership registration (corporate)

For those who wish to register as corporate members, please contact us at our ‘Contact Page’.
Registration instructions will be sent to you from our membership office.

Membership registration (individual)

The process for individual memberships is as follows:

OD Network Japan NPO Membership Registration Form

All personal information received for registration will only be used for this registration and related organizational correspondence.
By submitting your registration you agree to our privacy policy(Japanese).

◆Name (required)

◆Email address (required)

◆Your contact information (required)

Personal Contact Information

◆Postal code (required)

◆Address (required)

◆Telephone number (required)

◆FAX number

◆Company name (required if you have entered your company as a contact)

◆Group/Dept. name

◆Your title

◆Reference (required) (If you do not have a reference, please submit the name of your company and a telephone number.) (required)

◆How did you find out about the ODNJ (required) (multiple answers are possible)
Email/blog from a member (Member’s name:)

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Book/Magazine/NewspaperWord of Mouth/IntroductionLecture, SeminarOther:

◆Areas of specialty/Areas of interest

◆Opinions, requests for this organization

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