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Greetings from the Chair of ODNJ

Greetings from the Chair of ODNJ

I was appointed as Chair of OD Network Japan in May 2015. Organization Development is currently attracting a great deal of attention. It is an honor to serve as ODNJ’s chair, an educational community for Organization Development, at such an exciting time.

ODNJ was established in 2010. I have been on the board of directors since its establishment. Since this field was first established, Organization Development has been gaining more and more recognition worldwide; the number of ODNJ members has also increased and we have expanded our activities in response. From the viewpoint of the stages of organization development, ODNJ may have just entered the stage of late adolescence or early adulthood. I plan to focus my efforts on increasing the effectiveness and health of ODNJ in order to support ODNJ’s further development with an awareness of OD processes within the ODNJ.

The ODNJ chair is elected from its board of directors. I was elected at a board meeting held on May 12, 2015. I believe I was chosen both for my academic background (I was a researcher at a university) and for being a neutral party (I didn’t belong to a particular consulting company). OD practitioners usually belong to consulting companies, have their own business, or are working on organizational reform as members of that company or organization. In some cases, conflicts of interest can occur among these companies. Therefore, as a community transcending the company level, the ODNJ needs to maintain a neutral position.

The ODNJ registered as an NPO in March 2015, consisting of a board of seven directors and seven committees. Each director serves as the head of one of the committees. We decided to use a committee system because before this, it was not clear who decided what. This system can further a variety of ODNJ activities by clarifying its discretion and decisions. I hope all our members will get involved by participating in committees, and revitalize their own activities.

Together with Professor Kohei Nishikawa, with whom I have worked on ODNJ’s early development since its establishment in 2010, I will do my best to create a learning community for Organization Development as the third chair taken after Professor Toshihiro Kanai, who contributed generously to development of the organization. I appreciate the continued support and participation of all members.

Sincerely yours,
Kazuhiko Nakamura
ODNJ Chair