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Our Directors

Chair (Chief of Research Committee)

Kazuhiko Nakamura
  • Professor at the Department of Psychology and Human Relations, Nanzan University
  • Head of the Center for the Study of Human Relations, Nanzan University
  • Expert in organization development, human relations training (experiential learning using the laboratory method), and group dynamics
  • Ph.D. in Psychology Education, Graduate School of Education, Nagoya University
  • Completed NTL Institute’s OD Certificate Program
  • NTL member

Has worked on supporting a variety of OD fields through American-style OD practitioner trainings and consulting and conducting action research with the aim of linking OD practices with research.

Publications: Book “Introduction to OD” published by Kobunsha New Books
Research paper: “What is OD?” and “What is Action Research?” published in Human Relations Research

Board of Directors (Director General)

Takashi Oshima

CEO of CCI (Corporate Culture & Identity) Corporation

Established CCI Corporation in 1986 to directly connect organization development with management. Consults for companies and public agencies based on own research regarding OD for direct management. Provides companies with supporting services based on corporate culture and identity (CCI), including consultation, education, information, and investigation.

An expert in finding keys to discover the nature of a company’s management reform and to bring breakthroughs to the company by focusing on its actual management processes. His motto is “Ignite intrinsic values.”

Board of Directors (Chief of Public Relations Committee)

Seimiya Fumiyo
  • Graduate of Tokyo Woman’s Christian University, Department of Psychology, School of Arts and Sciences.
  • Worked at Mainichi Communications Inc. (Present: Mynavi Corporation) and became a manager of many projects such as new business planning and human research operation survey.
  • (Went to U.S.A.) Masters degree in Graduate School of Education and Human Development, George Washington University. During graduate school, she started researching the “Action Learning” development approach to foster leaders and problem-solving teams.
  • (Returned to Japan) Worked as an HR manager and a director of executive secretary at a foreign financial institution.
  • Established Learning Design Center Co., Ltd. in 2003
  • Established NPO Japan Action Learning Association, Japan’s only Action Learning (AL) Coach Certifying Organization, in 2006 and became Chair.

Currently active as a consultant, a lecturer, and a speaker for fostering AL coaches and introducing AL to companies.  She became Japan’s first master action learning coach in Japan certified by World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL) in 2010. There are only 10 in the world. She worked as a guest professor at the Department of Business Administration, Aoyama Gakuin University from 2013-2015 and as part-time lecturer at Tokyo Woman’s Christian University from 2015-2017.

Publications:  Translation “Optimizing the Power of Action Learning” written by Michael J. Marquardt and published by Diamond, Inc. in 2004

Book “Open Question Meeting” published by PHP Institute in 2008, “How to Develop Your Brain for Team Work” published by WAVE Publishers in 2009, “Interactive Communication” published by Sanseido Co., Ltd. in 2009, and “Question skills that you want to have in your 20s” by Chukei Publishers in 2011.

Board of Directors (Chief of Legal Entity Committee)

Shinichi Takumi

President of Plus-fu. Employed at a company and worked at administration, management and sales departments and gained a wide range of management experience. After retiring, established his own company, where he currently works. He also has been working on OD related projects. In his time as an employee, he established a study group specialized in personnel management and labor relations and then served as the president for 10 years.

Board of Directors (Chief of International Partnership Committee)

Yoshiko Zoet-Suzuki

She has internationally been working as an occupational psychologist regarding OD, coaching and occupational training for executives, and consulting. In the past 15 years, she has been supporting many multinational teams and organizations to make their collaborations more effective as an international facilitator and trainer, and an OD consultant.

Her OD research field covers a wide range including leadership development, support for embodies strategy, logical communication, international negotiation skill, and mutual cultural understanding. She has provided OD services, talent management, and occupational training to global investment banks and securities companies, electronics companies, semiconductor companies, IT companies, functional material manufacturers, chemical medicine companies, and telecommunications companies.

  • Graduated from the Department of Family Social Science, the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.
  • Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology, University of London.
  • Currently pursuing her Ph. D in organizational studies in Netherlands.

Board of Directors (Chief of Sectional Meeting Committee)

Minoru Fumikawa

Supports organizations as a management consultant, and individuals as a career counselor and career consultant.  His specialties are OD, career counseling, career consulting, assertion training, and group approach.

Certifications: Registered Management Consultant (certified by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry), 1st grade Certified Skilled Professional of Career Consulting (certified by Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare), Career Development Counselor (certified by JICD), Certified Assertion Training Trainer (certified by Nisseiken, Inc.)

Titles: Board of Directors of OD Network Japan, Secretary of Career Consulting Skill Association, Board of Directors of Japanese Association of Industrial Counseling, and Board of Directors of Japanese Institute of Career Development

Board of Directors (Chief of Lecture Committee)

Momoto Uchida

CEO of Nisseiken, Inc.

Began working at Nisseiken, Inc. in 2001, a private company providing assertion training and counseling for over 30 years. CEO since 2009. Uchida considers OD to benefit individual mental growth and to foster organizational growth. He became an ODNJ member in 2012.  In 2015, he was appointed to ODNJ’s board of directors. He is concentrating on promoting OD and working on OD at his company.

Board of Directors (Chief of Research Workshop Committee)

Yoko Mizusako

Process Designer at Scholar Consult Co., Ltd.

Has a wide range of experience consulting for organizational culture reform for large firms in a wide range of industrial fields, including trading, finance, service, automobile, pharmaceutical, medical devices, precision machinery, beverage, fashion, IT, and electronics fields.

Her strength is supporting role transition related to management team creation, top- and middle-management reform, and strategic personnel management connecting executives and other employees. She was the president of Scholar Consult Co., Ltd. from 2008-2014 and currently works as a process designer.

Publication: Book “How to Foster Yamato People” published by Kadokawa Corporation.

Board of Directors (Chief of 2017 General Meeting Committee)

Sumiko Watanabe

Group Chief of Solution Development at Fuji Xerox Learning Institute Inc.

Began working at Fuji Xerox Learning Institute Inc. in 1993, took part in research development regarding personnel and organization development, and worked as a consultant for projects at many companies.
Senior Action Learning Coach (certified by WIAL Japan)

  • Graduated Ochanomizu University, Study of Education, Department of Letters and Education, in 1993.
  • Master’s degree in Business Administration & Public Policy (MBA) from University of Tsukuba, Graduate School of System and Information Engineering, in 2001.