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About OD Network Japan

About ODNJ

About ODNJ

OD Network Japan (ODNJ) is a community where professional OD (Organization Development) practitioners—including company executives, internal practitioners at companies, and consultants—and researchers gather and collaborate, working and studying together to build effective and healthy organizations.


  • To grow the number of vibrant and fulfilling workplaces and organizations to create a happier society.
  • To encourage each of our members to explore and research OD, support its practices, and to create opportunities to learn together about OD.
  • As a member of the OD global family, to learn from OD cases in other countries and to contribute to the world by disseminating OD information from Japan.



The future we envision is one in which OD has been firmly established in Japan, in which a wide range of organizations have departments with OD functions and employees who are OD practitioners and change agents.

The impact that OD Network Japan (ODNJ) intends to have:

  • Exchange: Create new connections among OD practitioners
  • Learning: Support members’ self-improvement through our learning programs and communities, such as sectional meetings, lectures, and international and domestic exchanges.
  • Research: Promote the creating and sharing of the latest information, theories, and methods on OD, in places such as annual general meetings, OD journals, study workshops, international and domestic research exchanges.
  • Dissemination: Increase the number of people sharing and practicing OD values by transmitting the benefits and significance of OD



  • Trust in people and organizations
    • Trusting in the improvement of organizations and the potential of workers (and working on the improvement of ODNJ)
  • Social benefits
    • Focusing on social benefits, rather than only pursuing benefits to individuals or to ODNJ
  • Ways of Being
    • Fostering OD values and promoting personal growth through learning processes, rather than by focusing on techniques
  • Dialogue and Co-presence
    • Pursuing the integration of being who we are and being in relationship with others through dialogue and facing differences.
  • Connections and relationships
    • To meet people with the same aspirations and to enjoy connecting with them.


Common Ground

  • We aim to establish an OD that creates sustained harmony for all age groups in order for society to grow universally for future generations
  • We update existing frameworks to promote collaboration among various organizations to achieve their purposes
  • We work toward creating a society that accepts a wide range of happiness models
  • Respecting fear of change while not allowing resistance to prevail, we practice proactive and voluntary reform by believing in future potential, and supporting conscious change on the individual level with a foundation of trust.
  • We work to improve society with a sense of ownership and an aim to create happiness worldwide.
  • By accepting diversity and respecting each person’s individuality and personal values, we introduce OD and embed it into the professional world.
  • We endeavor to fully express our own views and listen fully to others, to create a society in which people can understand each other and encourage each other to flourish.