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About OD Network Japan

About OD Network Japan

The OD Network Japan (ODNJ) is an earnest community for professional OD practitioners, where open exchanges and deep studies are held, with the goal of contributing towards the sustainable prosperity of society through the realization of healthy organizations.

The community interacts through open discussions and dialogues on OD theory and practice. Community members consist of researchers belonging to universities and research institutes and change practitioners both inside and outside the organization.

Therefore, ODNJ is committed to the goal of providing learning resources and opportunities for skill development, through community activities for its members, for the development of OD theory and practice.

Our Values

ODNJ propose following values as we believe a society with following characteristics can exist: effective, productive, healthy, sustainable and flourishing.

  • Social responsibility to contribute to the benefit and well-being of all people on earth
  • Social justice to cause the principles of universal fairness to be applied and practiced in organizations
  • Respect for cooperation based on mutual respect of the social system
  • Equality and acceptance of diverse people, ideas, perspectives, and culture
  • Honor innovation and sustainable development of the organization
  • Pursue participation in management and organizational changes that honor the value of human devotion, and dignity
  • Value cooperative relationships with our clients
  • Honor the coordination and cooperation of community members
  • Value a sustainable growth as an individual and as an expert
  • Deepen self-awareness and understand the magnitude of the impact for those receiving consulting

Our Vision

We aim to serve a central role so that practice of OD can produce effective and sound system in various organizations.

Our social mission

To become a leader in the development of OD theory and practice of organizational development, OD Network Japan plays a social role for the following:

  • Widely convey to society the efficacy values possessed by systematic practice of OD and OD theory.
  • Apply the basic principles and methods and practice of OD effectively and ethically.
  • Support the activities of community members through learning opportunities for professional improvement.
  • Provide a forum where OD practitioners and professionals can exchange ideas and dialogue from a variety of viewpoints on important themes of OD.
  • Actively hold exchanges with people involved in realizing our social mission.