OD Network Japan Community of learning and practice

OD Network Japan – Who we are:

OD Network Japan (ODNJ), is a community, where professional OD practitioners come together for dialogue and exchange ideas and theories for the purpose of contributing to the realization of a sustainable and prosperous society through healthy and effective organizations.

Researchers belonging to universities and research institutes, as well as practitioners of change both inside and outside of the organization are included as community members in order to promote a community where OD practices and theories are shared through open dialogues and discussions.

OD Network Japan is devoted in developing OD theories and practices to achieve the purpose of OD Network Japan by providing opportunities for skill development and learning resources for its members through community activities.

Mission & Vision

OD Network Japan is a learning community where professionals discover new organizational concepts. It is a community for professionals to gather and create organizations of significance.

ODNJ Activities

  • Annual Meeting (Once a year, around May ~June every year)
  • Research Meeting (2~3 Times a year)
  • Subcommittee
  • OD Related Seminars
  • Website postings
  • Research Journal Publication

The various activities of OD Network Japan can be found through this Web page.

Common Ground

  • For the purpose of developing a universal society, we aim to have continuous harmony from this generation and generations beyond.
  • We aim to create a society that welcomes a wide range of happiness by collaborating between organizations to break current frameworks and see to the advancement of processes and their purposes.
  • We do not fear change, and we believe in the possibilities that lie ahead. We will also practice active and voluntary acts of change by supporting an individual’s conscious effort for change.
  • We aim to improve our society by having a mindset of ownership based on the world’s point of view for happiness.
  • We seek to introduce and penetrate OD practices and theory into society and accept diversity by respecting each other’s values.
  • We will work hard and aim to create a convincing society, where one can state their own opinions and ideas freely, to be good listeners, and to support and encourage each other’s growth in their process for change.


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